This is one of the most common questions we get at Goldsmiths Boardhouse. (That and, “Do you have a bathroom?” but that’s a different blog…) 

Here are the answers we give: 

  • It’s not required, but it is highly recommended. 
  • You wear one when you’re on a bicycle when you’re traveling 5 mph?  I’d recommend one for traveling down a mountain at 35 mph.
  • Do you have a college degree? You may want to protect that investment. 
  • You want helmets for your kids but not yourself?  Who’s going to drive them home when you get hurt? 
  • Duh! 

Our quick and definite answer is YES! Your head is undisputedly your most important asset, so if someone doesn’t want to purchase their own helmet, we also have affordable options to rent. 

And they look pretty fly! 

What Type of Ski or Snowboard Helmet Should I Get?

MIPS – All of the helmets we carry come with Mips, which is a system developed with the intention of reducing rotational motion to the brain in the event of a crash.  Just like Gore Tex is found across multiple brands of outerwear, Mips technology is found across multiple brands of helmets. 

According to Forbes, “If you buy a helmet for road biking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, or pretty much any action sports, the first thing it should have is Mips…”

We carry helmets by Smith, Giro, Oakley, and Sandbox, for ages from roughly 2 to 102, so we’ve got you covered! 

Truthfully, when it comes to picking between the brands, it’s as simple as seeing which fits your head the best. Our noggins are crazy different sizes, so some models even come with a Boa ratchet system to enable adjustable sizing. (Yes, like the same thing on your snowboard boots.) 

MIPS helmet logo

Smith has developed a new technology called Koroyd (no, it’s not corduroy).  It’s a honeycomb pattern with welded tubes that crumple instantly and consistently on impact, absorbing maximum force in a controlled manner, and coupled with direct & angled impact protection, going above and beyond standard Mips protection. Also, it’s incredibly LIGHT compared to other models, and of course features advanced breathability and cooling.

Smith Mirage Helmet available at Goldsmiths Sports

Giro has an equivalent technology called Spherical, which is an “unique ball-and-socket design of Technology that utilizes two separate liners to help manage impact forces. The material and density of the inner and outer liners can be optimized with Progressive Layering to help manage a broad range of impact forces: the Insurgent features an outer EPS layer (to address high-speed impacts) and an inner EPP layer (with rebound characteristics designed to handle slower speed falls.) When you combine the benefits of Progressive Layering with the market-leading Mips® Brain Protection System, which can help redirect rotational energy away from the brain, you get more comprehensive protection.

Many models of all brands even have vents akin to shutters, that you can open and close based on the weather conditions.

Also – ALL of our kiddo helmets are ADORABLE

Kids Ski and Snowboard Helmet available at Goldsmiths Sports in Big Bear Lake CA

All in all, pretty darn protective, huh? 

I think of it like I think about driving in the snow – YOU may be a good driver in the weather conditions, but you need to worry about everyone else on the mountain. 

As someone who is always trying to look cool, now it’s uncool NOT to wear a helmet. ALL of the local mountain employees are required to wear them at all times and all of our employees follow suit. 

Stop in, we’d love to knock your head around!

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