Here at Goldsmiths Sports in Big Bear Lake, CA, we’ve witnessed the thrills and spills of downhill mountain biking firsthand. There’s no denying the adrenaline rush of speeding through the trails, but it’s essential to recognize the risks involved in such an extreme sport. That’s why we advocate for the necessity of wearing protective gear when hitting the trails. And Goldsmiths Sports is here to help you equip yourself with the right gear to stay safe and enjoy the ride.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Did you know that most mountain biking injuries involve the upper body? And nothing ruins a fantastic day out on the trail like a few scrapes and bruises. That’s where knee and elbow pads come in handy. These vital components of protective gear are designed to protect the soft tissues of your joints by providing an extra layer of cushioning during a fall.

At Goldsmiths Sports, we offer a wide range of knee and elbow pads to suit various preferences, from lightweight and minimalistic models to bulkier designs with heavy-duty padding. Whichever you choose, you’ll appreciate the extra protection when hucking your bike of a sick feature.

A row of full face bicycle helmets on display at Goldsmiths Sporting Goods in Big Bear Lake California

Full-Face Helmets

A standard bike helmet is ideal for less-challenging terrains, but downhill mountain biking demands more significant protection. Enter the full-face helmet, your best line of defense against head injuries on the trail. These helmets cover your entire face with a sturdy chin bar and face shield, providing superior protection against frontal impacts. In addition, the full-face design reduces the risk of injury to your jaw and teeth, which, let’s face it, nobody wants to deal with.

We carry an extensive array of full-face helmets at Goldsmiths Sports, with options from Fox, Troy Lee, IXS and Bell to suit everyone from experienced riders to those who are new to the sport. Not to mention, many of our helmets offer additional ventilation, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable on your ride.

Mountain Biking Gloves

Out on the trail, your hands are responsible for steering and braking, making them essential components of your biking experience. A good pair of gloves can mean the difference between a fun ride and one marred by blisters, sore palms, and even broken fingers in wrist impact accidents.

At Goldsmiths Sports, we provide a broad selection of gloves to help keep your hands safe, comfortable, and in control. Gloves with padded palms and reinforced knuckles provide added protection against injury, while silicone grips ensure your hands stay secure on the handlebars, even when you’re flying down those hair-raising descents.

Woman wearing a bike helmet and sunglasses

Mountain Bike and Protective Gear Rentals

Downhill mountain biking is an investment, especially when it comes to purchasing the right protective gear. At Goldsmiths Sports, we’ll ensure that you don’t break the bank with our convenient rental service. It’s great for tourists, first-time riders, or simply those who don’t want to commit to a considerable expense. Or when you forgot your darn helmet back at home!

Learn more about our bike and gear rentals

Now that you understand the importance of proper protective gear, it’s time to hit the trails in Big Bear Lake with confidence, knowing that you’ve taken the necessary precautions. And when it comes to finding the perfect equipment, look no further than Goldsmiths Sports. We’re here to support you every step of the way in your downhill mountain biking adventure. Stay safe and ride on!

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