Standard Bike Rental

Standard pedal bicycle

Beach Cruisers – Laid back & relaxed

Our beach cruiser rental bikes are great for a mellow cruise around Big Bear, along the lake or to the Village for some shopping and a bite to eat. These rental bikes use “coaster” style brakes, meaning you slow the bike by reversing your pedals. Riders not comfortable with this style of brake may prefer the standard pedal bike rental which uses “normal” hand-leer brakes on the handlebars.

Hardtail Bikes – Front-Suspension Mountain Bikes

Our hardtail mountain bike rentals will get you just about anywhere in the big bear valley with a little pedaling. A simple standard bike setup with front suspension, these bikes ride taller than our beach cruisers and can easily be attached to a bike trailer to bring the little ones along. A full-range of gears to shift through make hills easier to climb, but for an even easier ride, consider our electric bike rentals for just a little more money!

Rental Pricing:

$12 Per Hour

2-Hour Minimum

$36 Half Day (4 Hours)

$48 Full Day (8 Hours)

Man resting on a bench on Skyline trail with a bike rental from goldsmiths Sports in Big Bear Lake California
Models of standard pedal bike rentals available at Goldsmiths Sports in Big Bear Lake, CA